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Announcing Project SocialSite

Jamey Wood
Hi all,

We're excited to announce the newest project in the GlassFish community:
Project SocialSite.  Project SocialSite is an open source Social Network
Service written in Java.

Specifically, SocialSite provides a set of widgets and web services that
you can use to add social networking features to your existing web sites
and applications. It includes a Java web application that manages a
comprehensive Social Graph repository and exposes that data via an
OpenSocial-based REST API. SocialSite also includes a set of widgets that
can be used to create an end-to-end UI for social networking, including
the ability to run OpenSocial Gadgets within the pages of your
existing sites.

Source code for all of this is being released under a dual CDDL/GPLv2
license and is available today (though we're not yet ready to make a
formal release).  In fact, the code is a bit rough and critical features,
such as security, are not yet complete.  So we hope you won't use it to
run any nuclear reactor control rooms at this point.  But we hope you will
try it out and give us your feedback... or patches! :)

Here's a quick guide to the Project SocialSite resources that are ready

  Project SocialSite homepage on, with mailing lists and more:

  Project SocialSite source code in Subversion:

  Installation and build instructions:

  Screencast that illustrates the project concept:

  Our downloads page where you can find the latest build:

  Our project blog where we'll be posting news and announcements:


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