GlassFish Unconference and CommunityOne / May 4th & May 5th

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GlassFish Unconference and CommunityOne / May 4th & May 5th

(This alias is not used very often. That's a bug but we will try to fix
that after JavaOne, but, in the meantime, I'm sending the announcement
to the alias for completeness sake)

JavaOne starts May 6th but, before the festivities start, we are going
to have two additional FREE events in the Moscone.

On Monday, May 5th we have CommunityOne, with participation from many
communities, including a strong presence from the larger GlassFish
community.  There are keynote presentations, technical sessions, demos
and festivities.

And, on Sunday, May 4th, we will have a GlassFish unconference in the
afternoon and a party in the evening.

See more details at the wiki page:

We will keep that page up-to-date as additional sessions appear.

    - eduard/o

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