Glassfish 3 JDBC pool monitoring error

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Glassfish 3 JDBC pool monitoring error

HI there,

We're starting to migrate from GF2.1.1 to GF3.1.
Within our environment we use Nagios and JMX4Perl to monitor GF instances using JMX.

On upgrading a test domain to GF3.1, all the checks appear to be working fine, apart from the JDBC Connection Pool check.

I've done a list against the GF3 instance to get all the MBeans registered, and have found the following:
            numconnused                [ro], "No description available for getNumConnUsed"

I've tried to configured this in Jmx4perl as follows:
<Check datasource_connections>
  Value = amx:name=resources/PortalDSPool,pp=/mon/server-mon[server],type=jdbc-connection-pool-mon/numconnused,path=current
  Base = amx:name=PortalDSPool,pp=/domain/resources,type=jdbc-connection-pool/MaxPoolSize
  Name  = JDBC_Connections_In_Use
  Label = %.2r% Current $0 JDBC Connection Pool Quantity In Use (%v %u active / %b %w max)
  Critical = ${1:90}
  Warning = ${2:80}

However I keep getting the following error when running the check:
Error: 404 : No MBean with ObjectName amx:name=resources found at any known No MBean with ObjectName amx:name=resources found at any known MBeanServer

I've tried moving the order of name, pp, type around without success.

Any comments/pointers welcome.