JAXB 2.2.11 is released.

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JAXB 2.2.11 is released.

Iaroslav Savytskyi
Hi everybody,

JAXB Reference Implementation version 2.2.11 is released!!!

You can find it on the official JAXB site: https://java.java.net.
The release notes are here: https://jaxb.java.net/nonav/2.2.11/docs/.

To work with the release you can clone the project from Git:

Java.net: git clone git://java.net/jaxb~v2
GitHub: git clone https://github.com/gf-metro/jaxb.git

and build it with Maven as: mvn clean install.
Or you can just add JAXB as a Maven dependency to your project:


Thanks for using JAXB RI.

Best regards.
JAXB dev team.