Please Read: This project will be migrated to Kenai, starting 10 PM, 11/21/2010 (PST)

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Please Read: This project will be migrated to Kenai, starting 10 PM, 11/21/2010 (PST)

Ed Bratt
This project will be migrated to Kenai in the wave-2 migration effort. This project will be locked, starting at 10 PM Pacific Standard Time, Sunday November. 21. We will work to unlock this project as soon as possible however, we cannot predict the exact schedule for importing projects into Kenai. The whole effort is expected to take about two weeks, possibly three. Projects will be activated at [project] as soon as all data are imported into Kenai.

Please watch
for updates regarding progress.
If you have any questions about the projects which are going to be migrated, please review the complete list, here.

Actions you should take

User Credentials
If you have not activated your new user credentials, please do that now. (, select login. If you did not receive your welcome e-mail, click "lost password.")
Sync your local source copy
You should take action now to Sync. your source code copies.
Projects from Collabnet servers will be read-only, once they are locked. However we will be switching projects over to Kenai, as they become ready so we cannot give a precise target date for this, for each project. Once they are switched, you will not be able to access the old repository from Collabnet.
Starting, this Sunday, e-mail to this project will cease since that is part of the migrated data. Once the project is re-enabled, the same set of project lists will be at [[hidden email] (remove the .dev).
Learn about the new Java.Net
Familiarize yourself with the new Browse to and read the help documentation. Or, you can read the orientation and other information we have compiled at the GlassFish Migration WIki.
Getting Started
Migrating your GlassFish site
Prepare to update your web-site files
Project Site Managers and Administrators should look for instructions that you'll need to follow, to update your web-site. You can review the migration procedure at the GlassFish Migration Wiki "Guide for Migrating Your Site".
CVS will migrate to SVN
Reminder -- The migration effort will attempt to migrate all CVS archives to SVN. If this cannot be done without error, the original CVS archive will be attached to your project. SVN has stronger integration with Kenai so this will be your best option. If there are errors and your repository is not switched, we can discuss options for additional conversion methods.
Repository Archives
Repository archives, exported by Collabnet will be saved indefinitely so, if your project determines a need for this, you can request it. However, do not expect to receive these before Mid. January (unless there is an urgent issue).

Thank you,
-- Ed Bratt