bean-validator in 3.1.2 vs trunk

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bean-validator in 3.1.2 vs trunk

Cheng Fang-2
Any difference (version, etc) between bean-validator.jar in 3.1.2 and
trunk?  Their size is different:

in 3.1.2:        1164011 Aug 19 10:33 bean-validator.jar
in trunk:         387450 Aug 19 10:32 bean-validator.jar.trunk

When running tests devtests/ejb/ejb31/embedded/embedasync with a locally
built 3.1.2 glassfish, this test failed with slf4j errors.  But if I
replace bean-validator.jar with trunk's version, it passed.  The errors
when it failed:

      [java] SEVERE: Exception while loading the app
      [java] Aug 19, 2011 10:41:28 AM
org.glassfish.deployment.admin.DeployCommand execute
      [java] SEVERE: Exception while loading the app :
      [java] Aug 19, 2011 10:41:28 AM
org.glassfish.ejb.embedded.EJBContainerProviderImpl createEJBContainer
      [java] INFO: [EJBContainerProviderImpl] Cleaning up on failure ...

I suspect it's caused by version conflict of slf4j bundled in
bean-validator.jar and weld-osgi-bundle.jar (both jars contain slf4j
classes).  It seems this conflict was introduced into 3.1.2 (not sure
about 3.1.1), but not in trunk.

Could someone confirm it?