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Jack Teo - United Knowledge
BUSINESS LAW for Managers
Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses etc
DATE: 11th to 12th Nov 2010
VENUE: Anson Centre, 51 Anson Road 079904 (5 mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT) [MAP]
FEE: SGD 440.00
For quick online registration, please click here.

To register via fax, download the form here & fax it to (65) 6327 7155.

For in-house training, groups of 10 pax and above, please email to [hidden email].
Jack Teo
BUSINESS LAW for Managers
Essential Legal Knowledge for all Operations, Service, Business & Project Managers

(also highly relevant to Consultants, Researchers, Directors, Entrepreneurs).

This program provide participants with a basic understanding of important commercial law and how it can be applied in today’s business environment : the rights and liabilities of a business; your rights and duties as a manager; how the law protects your company’s interest, your company’s inventions, manage your competitors and support business growth.

About Presenter

Mr Jack Teo , LLB, PGDipTHE, started his career path at a leading law firm which brought him to the regional head office of a multi-national German bank as in-house counsel before winding its way to academia in NTU with a detour at the Competition Commission of Singapore along the way.

In NTU, Assoc Prof Teo taught Business Law to MBA and undergraduate students. Prof Teo is well versed in banking, business, company and international business law. He is well published in these areas, having contributed to the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, the Journal of International Banking Law and the Asia Business Law Review. The Singapore Academy of Law has invited him to sit on their panel of experts on their Annual Review of Singapore Cases. Prof Teo has also authored a number of books : The Singapore Corporate Director's Manual, The Practice and Law of Banking in Singapore (2nd Ed) and Indonesia Business Law.

Prof Teo is a winner of several teaching awards, he is popular amongst his students for making legal subjects very interesting.

How Law affects you as a Manager

Business Torts :

Negligence (Product & Service Liability)

Passing-Off & Defamation

Law of Agency, Types of Business

Let’s Get Personal : Sole Proprietor & Limited Partnerships

We don’t Take Things Personally Here : Limited Liability Partnership and Companies

The things you must know about Trade Marks, Patents, Registered Designs & Copyrights

Practical ways to protect your Inventions and Ideas

The situation with the Internet Today

Case Study : Winning the Battle but Losing The War

Preparing an effective and mutually acceptable Business Contract:

  1. Offer, Acceptance, Considerations

  2. Intention to Create Legal Relations

  3. Service & Project Contracts

  4. Project Liabilities, Damages,

Accidents & Deadlines

From Contact to Contract :

  1. Pitfalls in Negotiations

  2. Capacity & Illegality

  3. Misrepresentation & Duress

Importance of Reading the Fine Print :

  1. Express Terms in Standard Contracts

  2. Standard Terms (Conditions,

Innominate Terms, Warranties)

  1. Implied Terms (e.g Sale of Goods Act)

  2. Exemption Clauses

How Business can compete Fairly & Legally

Competition Law & your Business

Scope of Competition Act :

  1. Scope of Competition Act

  2. Anti-Competitive Agreements

  3. Abuse of Dominance

  4. Anti-Competitive Mergers

Getting your Finances & Tax in good order.

Definition of Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion

Doing Business overseas

Choice of Law in Contract

Overseas Expansion : Think Global Act Focal

Operations, Service, Business & Project Managers.
Consultants, Researchers, Directors, Entrepreneurs.

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